Eric Lassiter | Windstar
The MSY Windstar, with a capacity of up to 148 guests, carried Steve and I for seven nights from Athens to four Aegean Sea ports to debarkation in Istanbul. Thinking of a cruise? Anywhere? Do it on a smaller ship. Ever the contrarian, I swore beforehand I would take no photographs of or on a cruise ship, with all those very messy "tourist," "American," "self-absorbed" realities and implications. So much for that. It can be very good on a small cruise ship on Homer's "wine dark" Aegean Sea: Take photographs in the natural light, at dawn, or twilight. Or anytime, really. And introduce yourself to sweet, interesting people (shout-out to Trish, Hilary, John, Larry).
The last tender back to the shipAnchored off MykonosStern deck, the one time of stormy weatherStern deck, the one time of stormy weatherDocked at Istanbul, stern deck; medium-size cruise ship arriving in backgroundLower stern deck, the one time of stormy weatherDetail of mast