Eric Lassiter | L.A.~Freeways (night)

Los Angeles County, by most counts, has 587 miles of freeways and by day they are mostly traffic-choked slabs of dull gray. At dusk and into the night they become glowing threads of light. I enjoy exploring them. It can be a hypnotic experience, one that I suspect relates to personal freedom, travel and music. I also suspect I have been influenced by hyper film experiences in which L.A. freeways play a large part, such as "Koyaanisqatsi," "Drive," "How The West Was Won," heck, even "CHiPs." As I look and photograph from these perspectives: each vehicle = each has a driver and maybe passengers = human stories. Imagine if you could dive into each vehicle and listen, see?

All of these photographs are single, long exposures taken from stationary locations. There are challenges to this: Mostly it's about finding good locations (fences frequently hinder the view). Another note is how noisy, noisy it is directly above or adjacent to these threads of light. Personal safety also ranks high.
Modern Temple c. 1993Freeways (converging and diverging)