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This work is from a November 2013 trip to Istanbul. A majority of these were shot in b/w. I'm a big reader of espionage novels set throughout the 20th Century. Some of these novels are set in Istanbul, for centuries the crossroads of cultural, political and interpersonal tensions writ large and small. There's a story here. Click through in the order that the photos are presented and check out the captions. Cue the movie music in my head. This is Istanbul. There must be intrigue. There must be a puppet master (at least in my fervid imagination).

No photo-editing tricks were used. But my apologies to everyone I captured. I was reading two books of this genre (by Furst and Kanon) and vaguely thinking of trying to capture a darker noir mood in some of my street photography. I didn't see the possibilities until I was back home reviewing all photos.

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The unwitting hero ...Same place, moments later, the assassin, on the heels of the apprehensive American blonde ...The puppet master. Nothing, nothing, and no one is beyond her reach ...Walking into a trap ...The one who watches ...Gunshots will ring out as the tram arrives ...The tourists, frightened ...The lovers, framed for the murder, flee ...The passageway to ...The stairway to ...Is this the safe house ...Waiting in the shadows for the messenger ...Is she the messenger ...He must have the key to open the codex, follow him ...Moving "the package" in plain sight ...Barely escaping the runaway tram ...Everyone is suspect ...Poisoned dart = hallucinations ...More hallucinations ... flashbacks from that fiasco, days ago in Athens, those women who the laughs at your expense ...Recovering, in the safe house ...

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