The photography: As with Mykonos, the cruise ship anchored offshore here for only a few morning and mid-day hours in unrelenting bright sun with no clouds. I chose to shoot in black/white and used a polarizing filter on the camera lens on most of these photographs.

Santorini is a Greek island in the Cyclades group of islands in Homer’s “wine dark” Aegean Sea. Historically, Santorini island (Thera) has been a backwater. Its volcano blew circa BC2600, creating a tsunami flood around the larger Eastern Mediterranean that destroyed much of the Minoran and other nearby civilizations. Fast-forward to the last decades of the 20th Century, when the island's towns were totally rebuilt as a tourism destination following a devastating earthquake in 1956. Santorini is known largely for its photogenic cliff-top towns, including Oia (EE-ah), a spectacular setting of small white buildings tumbling down a steep hill to the sea.
SantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantorini. Shot with polarized lens filter through bus window with polarizing coating on it.Santorini. Magic Sunset Pool Bar.Santorini. Distortion from an 8mm lens.SantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantorini. Distortion from an 8mm lens.SantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantoriniSantorini