The photography: I started flipping the camera dial much more between color and black/white on this fourth one-day stop on the cruise itinerary. More harsh midday light, but the ship didn't leave until a couple of hours after dark and I found very nice late afternoon and twilight light onshore. I used a tripod for the late-afternoon photography.

Bodrum: The recorded history of Bodrum, fronting the Aegean Sea, dates back to the 7th Century BC. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Grand Tomb of Mausolus (source of the word mausoleum), stood here for 1,700 years. Today only the foundations and few pieces of sculpture remain. Alexander the Great laid siege to and captured the city in 334 BC.

The Crusader Knights of St. John arrived in 1402 and built the still-impressive Bodrum Castle on a prominent point in the harbor. The sprawling castle includes complete towers, living quarters, landscaped courtyards and a dark dungeon where the Knights, and after 1522 the sultans' armies from the Ottoman Empire, tortured and housed their enemies. The castle also houses the very impressive Museum of Underwater Archaeology, reportedly the best of its kind in the world.

Bodrum today is a large holiday destination for Europeans that is home to hundreds of wide, flat-bottomed gulets, which are small, well-appointed sailing vessels popular for 3-4 day or longer charters. http:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Bodrum
Bodrum CastleBodrum CastleBodrum CastleBodrum CastleBodrum Castle: Steps leading up from the dungeonBodrum Castle: Museum of Underwater ArchaeologyGulets in harborHarbor viewHarbor viewHarbor viewHarbor viewBeach sceneCar ferryBodrum HarborBodrum HarborStreet scene; no selective coloring applied in post-editingStreet scene: Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey